Visitors to the Shire of Rokeclif website ( are considered guests, to be treated with all the courtesy that term implies. The site does not collect information–personally identifiable or not–from those who browse its pages.

Under some circumstances, personal information is collected with the consent of the person or persons involved. These circumstances are detailed below:

  • Volunteers who sign up to help with activities at Shire events can submit contact information, which is emailed to the person in charge of the activity, as well as carbon-copied to the Volunteer Coordinator. The volunteer’s SCA name is displayed on the activity web page to indicate that the timeslot is occupied. No other information will be made public.
  • Those gentles who wish to be listed as contacts for various Shire activities (practices, meetings, moots, etc.) can volunteer to have contact information posted for those activities. Contact persons choose what information (e.g. mundane name, phone number, email address, etc.) may be used. In all cases, email addresses are obfuscated to help prevent them from being harvested by spammers.