Dance Repertoire for the Shire of Rokeclif

As we begin to learn more dances and incorporate dancing into more events and activities, here are instructions and videos for many common dances. We will start with the bransles and almains, because they are the simplest, then add some English Country Dances like Gathering Peascods, Jenny Pluck Pears, Picking of Sticks, and Rufty Tufty.

You are encouraged to watch some videos and start getting familiar with some of the movements. All the dances will be painstakingly and patiently taught by Lord Hakon.

List of Dances by Arrangement and Number of Dancers
Italian Dance Steps (a basic summary)

15th Century Italian

16th Century Italian

Arbeau (1589)

Inns of Court (1570-1675)

Playford (1651 – Original)

Playford (Later editions) and other
Later English Country Dances

SCA Inventions

(designed to feel “period,” but modern creations without actual historical evidence)