Heraldry is one of the most interesting SCA activities.  We use heraldry to identify fighters on the field, to identify our belongings, or to find someone’s campsite by the banners flying over it or the painting on the pavilion. We could use up all the resources of this website if we tried to explain all the nuances of heraldry in period or in the SCA.

SCAdemo’s heraldry page provides a very brief introduction to heraldry.

Master Jasper Greensmith provides a bit more information about devices (coats of arms).

More information may be found at the Heraldic Primer on SCA’s site.

The SCA website also has a lot of information about names, since SCA names are also registered by the College of Heralds.

If you want lots of information, you might go to the Modar University Heraldry Page and follow links for a decade or so.

If you are checking to see if your hoped-for device conflicts with someone else’s, check the Online Ordinary and Armorial, which contains all the names and devices granted by the SCA College of Heralds.  There are tricks to using it easily, so it wouldn’t hurt to take a herald along.

Rokeclif’s device is blazoned:  Vert, a phoenix Or within a laurel wreath and on a chief argent three cattails slipped and leaved proper. (Blazoning is a highly organized means of describing a device so that anyone who knows the rules can reproduce the device without seeing it.)  It was registered with the College of Heralds in February of 1997. It is emblazoned (drawn) like this:




Rokeclif’s badge is blazoned: (Fieldless) A cattail slipped and leaved proper. The badge was registered in May of 1998. This is how it’s emblazoned.