Arts & Sciences Survey

SCA artisans have re-created almost every aspect of medieval culture, from metal forging to country dance.

We want to give people in the shire an opportunity to learn about a variety of things.  This survey is an attempt to guide our A&S explorations so the whole shire can learn what they wish.  Please fill it out, and give it to Radegund or Geoffrey.  (It’s a .pdf file.)  If you don’t see Radegund or Geoffrey on a regular basis, you may mail the completed form to inspireddragon AT

Please don’t feel restricted by the suggestions on the form. There are lots of other arts that were used between 600 and 1600. If you want to learn how to make period padlocks or medieval money or renaissance ropes, please ask. Or come to one of our monthly “Research Night” gatherings.

A&S Survey