The Shire of Rokeclif is the branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism which serves LaCrosse, Clayton, Trempealeau, and Buffalo Counties in western Wisconsin. Though current members live in Ettrick, Taylor, and Holmen, most of our gatherings are in LaCrosse.

Shire members pursue many different interests, but we’ve had better luck with the gentler arts and sciences than with martial activities. (Though two of our members have served as regional marshals of archery and thrown weapons, so don’t think us defenseless.)

Rokeclif has hosted many events.  Autumn Rose has been around for 15 turns, and may return for a 16th.  We have held two Norse-themed events, called the Feast of Disting. And we’re famous for holding snits — tiny events — because we’re not big enough to host a war.  Once in a while we host educational events, such as Northshield Officers’ Day, Bardic Madness, or Novices’ Day.

Shire Information