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Below is a list of our Active Members along with the awards that each has received.

The shire’s definition of an Active Member is a person who regularly participates in the shire’s activities whether they are a paid SCA member or not. To have yourself added below or to add your heraldic device, please send an email to the Webminister with your full SCA name, and award(s) and heraldic device if applicable.

Members who have not attended any shire meeting or activity for a year and a day will be moved to our Inactive Members list.

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Awards are given based on recommendations we submit for each other. To recommend someone for an award, you must log into your profile on Then under “Who’s Who” you’ll see Award Recommendations.

Northshield Kingdom Award Descriptions – descriptions, devices, and titles

Shire of Rokeclif – Active Members Order of Precedence

(ranked by level of award (Peerage, Grant of Arms, Award of Arms, Non-Armigerous) and then by date, earliest first — listed dates are the earliest-received award of that level)

Master Bruno Lachner — early 15th century north German, helping found the University of Rostock
Order of the Laurel (2/29/2020)
Order of Brigits Flame (8/17/2019)

Award of the Purple Fret (4/12/2014) (Middle), Award of the Black Flame, Order of the Willow (Middle)
Unnamed Award for Non-Martial Heroics, Order of the Saltire

Baron Ahlwin von Hildebrand — 15th century German
Court Baron (7/13/2018)
Ordo Circini Vitruvii [Order of Vitruvius’ Caliper] (4/11/2015), Order of the Hand of Tyr

Award of Arms (11/18/2006), Award of the Glove, Award of the Cygnus
Queen’s Cypher, Scroll of Honor, Queen’s Rapier (Ansteorra)

The Honorable Lord Byle McKee
Ordo Circini Vitruvii [Order of Vitruvius’ Caliper] (7/11/2015)
Award of the Black Flame (10/14/2011), Award of the Glove, Award of the Cygnus

King’s Cypher

GavinThe Honorable Lord Gavin Mag Aonghusa — Irish
Order of Aquila et Fulmen (11/14/2020)
Award of Arms (1/11/2003), Award of the Cygnus, Award of the Black Bolt, Award of the Purple Fret (Middle)

Scroll of Honor

Lord James Foxton of Stoneheath
Award of Arms (1/19/1985) (Middle)
Lady Shulamith bat Schmetterling
Award of Arms (1/1/2004) (Meridies), Award of the Cygnus, Companion of the Golden Alce (Aethelmearc), Order of the Keystone (Aethelmearc)
Order of the Meridian Cross (Meridies)
Lord Parmen Volchkov — Russian
Award of Arms (10/23/2004), Order of the Torse (Calontir)
BronislavaLady Bronislàva of the Shattered Seax — probably Eastern Europe
Award of the Cygnus (2/27/2010)
Order of the Northern Cross
Lord Robert the Unlucky — a-Viking
Award of Arms (5/1/2010)
MiguelLord Miguel Mono de Hierro — 16 th century Spanish persona. Traveling around Europe and the New World sometimes for profit and other times to escape the law.

Companion of the Sea Dragon (12/8/2012) (Atlantia), Order of the Cavendish Knot (Middle), Award of the Purple Fret (Middle)
Award of the Hawk’s Aerie (Atlantia), Honorary Citizen of Windmaster’s Hill (Atlantia), Companion of the Tempest (Atlantia), Order of the Hippocampus (Atlantia), part of group awarded The Vexillium Atlantiae (Atlantia), Flaming Gryphon Baronial Rapier Champion 2019 -2020 (Middle)

JeoffryeLord Jeoffrye Inman — 14th century innkeeper from Durham, England
Award of the Cygnus (6/13/2015)
Lady Judith Krahe vom Schwarzwald
Award of Arms (7/15/2017), Award of the Black Flame, Award of the Cygnus
Domina Umbricia Valeriana
Award of Arms (11/11/2017)
Lady Merdyne Thorburn
Award of the Cygnus (11/16/2019)


Shire of Rokeclif – Active Members who have not yet been awarded arms (in alphabetical order):

Dee Johnson
Gaborah Y’Hudite Le Rousseau — herbalist circa 1500
Marcel Le Rous healer/naturalist/craftsman circa 1500
Verissime of Rokeclif
Award of the Bellerophon

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