Shire Members

Active Member List

This is a list of currently active members, with a brief description of their nationality and time period, if known.

  • Magistra Kudrun Pilegrim — Ettrick Forest of Scotland in 1288
  • Lady Bronislavá — probably Eastern Europe… once upon a time
  • Lord Robert the Unlucky — a-viking — unless he fell off the ship again
  • Lady Cybele of Rowangrove — anywhere and anytime there’s a story to tell
  • Lord Gavin Mag Aonghusa — Irish
  • The Honourable Lord Ahlwin von Hildebrand — 15th century German
  • Lady Vettoria Soranzo
  • Lord Vitaliano Tagliere Vincenzi — 11th Century Milanese – for now.
  • Lord Jeoffrye Inman
  • The Honourable Lord Byle McKee
  • Gerda Loveday, the Haggling Hobbler
  • Lady Iudith Krahe vom Schwarzwald
  • Shulamith
  • Ottilie Sunnenkalp
  • Osanna Sunnenkalp
  • Lord Hakon Hrafnsson — 13th century Norse
  • Florica Joldea — 16th century Hungarian/Ottoman
  • Johannes Drechseldt – 16th century German


Additional Member List

Some of our illustrious former members:

  • Ailis
  • Lady Aine ingen MaelPatraic (Scottish, 10th century)
  • Lady Amata Cromwell — 14th-century London
  • Lady Ariella diLombardi da Ravenna (Venetian, late 15th century)
  • Arnora Njalsdottir (Scandanavian, Viking era)
  • Aydan (mac Cailean)
  • Bowen (mac Cailean)
  • Lady Brighid Chaomhanach (Ireland,  late 12 th Century)
  • Lady Brilliana Barrington (English)
  • Lord Cailean MacGowen (Scottish, 16th century)
  • Lady Caitilin inghean Aohda (Irish, 14th century)
  • Caitilin (nic Cailean)
  • Lord David the Thirsty (Bavarian, 13th century)
  • Earc Ó Briain (Irish, 13th century)
  • Lord (Doctour) Jock McKee (Irish, 16th century)
  • Katerina Del Bonanno
  • Katrina von Rokeclif
  • Lord Kitab Beg, (12th Century Sejuk Turk)
  • Lord Charles Maewyn MacLaughlan — Scotland, perhaps?
  • Lady Margaret MacGregor of Heather Glenn
  • Lord Morgan Murphy
  • Radegunde
  • Lord Rhuadan
  • Lord Richard of Woodleigh
  • Simonis
  • Lord Torquil MacLachlan (Scottish)
  • Lord Valgarth Raudskeggr (Scandanavian, Viking era)
  • William Chapman (English, mid-15th century)
  • Domaldi — 11th century Norse warrior
  • Æmma — Pevensey in 1066 (that can’t be good)
  • Genovefa la Petit
  • Failend

Officer List

The Officers of Rokeclif are those who volunteer their time to help foster the many activities that keep the Shire a fun place to be. The email links on that page are broken. Please use the addresses found in the latest White Birch.  Kudrun the Pilegrim is the current seneschal (cat-herder).  She may be reached at