January 2009


January 18, 2009  – Bronislava’s Apartment

Present:  Bronisláva, Kudrun, Gavin, Maewyn, Alois, Kat.

Called to order by Bronisláva, 45-minute deputy herald.

Officer Reports — (While we waited for marshals we discussed a snowball fight. We couldn’t have one – no marshals!)

Chirurgeon – things are quiet.
Web Minister – (in absentia) – emailed that the domain name and web site are good for 2009, but we need a new Web Minister.  No hands went up.
Chronicler – sent out an invitation to renew the White Birch to current subscribers.  A donation is requested for mail version.
Chatelaine?? – On hold.
Exchequer – arrived a bit late, but welcome.  He brought the Domesday for the seneschal to sign (and some delicious mushrooms).  We’re solvent.
Youth Minister – chatted.  He’ll be six months old pretty soon.  Translation of his report was not made, but everything seems to be satisfactory, now that he has his noogie.
A&S – We need an officer.
  • Gavin has a new kumihimo stitch and helped with soup shopping.
  • Kudrun’s been working on learning her ABGs.
  • Bronisláva made soup.
  • Maewyn made mushrooms.
  • A couple events have been looking for a venue. We talked about the virtue of a spring event. Taylor is ok for snits, but larger events would be better in LaCrosse.  Gavin will investigate some hotels with conference facilities. We probably can’t get anything for this spring, but the research will be done for next spring.
  • PO Box will come due in April.

Autumn Rose

  • Needs to get on the event calendar.
  • This is a demo – not just an event.  We want to get the public there and provide an educational experience. This will be emphasized in our publicity to SCA.
  • Bronisláva has asked marshals to email her. No results yet.
  • Theme will be the Crusades.
  • Rokeclif will offer the Fairgrounds a contribution toward replacing the air conditioner in the chirurgeon’s building.  Kudrun will contact Fair Board, offering to go halvsies with them, up to $500.
  • Charges were set:  $10 for the weekend, $8 for day-tripping, $10 for feast.
  • We need staff:  A&S interpreter, youth coordinator, Pyxis contact, performers.

Bronisláva’s 45 minutes of Heraldry were up before we finished the meeting.  There being no herald to oyez us out, we recessed to eat soup, but the meeting is still going on.



February 2009


February 15, 2009      Bronisláva’s Place

Present:  Bronisláva, Maewyn, Alois, Kudrun, Bob

At 2:38 (2PM SCA time) Bronisláva called the meeting out of recess.

Officer reports

  • The Domesday was updated a bit. In consultation with the kingdom exchequer a few numbers were reclassified.
  • The check for equestrian insurance for Autumn Rose 2008 still hasn’t cleared.
  • Kudrun handed $70 in cash to the exchequer – proceeds from lunch at That Moot Thingy.
Other officers?  We could use a few.

Bronisláva is willing to take up the Chatelaine position once she pays her membership, which will occur once she’s back to work.

Autumn Rose

  • It’s February.  Things are progressing rather slowly.
  • No marshals yet.
  • Membership is required to put an event on the calendar, so that will have to wait for spring.
  • Silver is really committed to doing feast, even though she’s moving to Baraboo. She wants to do a Persian-themed feast, which got creative juices flowing along the lines of 1001 Arabian Nights/(knights?).  (101 Damnations, a Dante-inspired theme was received with somewhat less alacrity.)
  • As her first act as near-Chatelaine, Bronisláva persuaded Bob to write a check for his membership.  Good show!


We unoyezed at 3:20.  The soup was a heavenly mix of spicy things from Bronisláva’s kitchen.




March 2009


March 15, 2009  Bronisláva’s Apartment

Present (at varying times):  Bronisláva, Kudrun, Maewyn, Amata, Gavin, Bob, Mike, Patty, Jim.


Bronisláva, as acting Herald oyezed the meeting to order about two seconds before Amata, the real herald, showed up. Amata was appointed acting chronicler so Kudrun could act as seneschal. Luckily, there were new people present, so the meeting didn’t have to degenerate into an explanation of who was acting what.  Instead, we degenerated into explanations of the period titles of our officers.


  • Maewyn needs to be reimbursed for some expenses, but we need another check signer to make it legal.He’s not in a rush.
  • While he had the floor, Maewyn reported that he had updated our contact information with the LaCrosse Public Library.
Chronicler – Kudrun gave Maewyn a $12 contribution (from Pierre) to the White Birch fund.
Chirurgeon – Gavin may not be able to continue in the role, since his knee is giving him a bad time. The chirurgeon’s office was explained to the newcomers.

Autumn Rose

  • The Autocrat/Event Steward (more discussion of funny titles) reports that the feast will be more”Middle Eastern” than “Persian” so the theme is still Crusades.
  • Bronisláva is seeking marshals.
  • Suggestions for site tokens were invited, and the possibility of a work day was introduced.
  • “Events” were explained to the newcomers with an assortment of pictures from events.  These were also illustrative of garb, particularly the ubiquitous t-tunic.


Around 2:50 the meeting turned into general discussion about SCA, so we adjourned to a magnificent spread – two soups, salad, several breads… be jealous, all ye who were not in attendance!

In an afterthought Kudrun asked if there were any A&S projects to report.  Amata wrote a book review. Gavin is still doing kumihimo, and is beginning herbal research.  We tried to elect Gavin Minister of Arts & Sciences, but he flatly refused to leave the room so we could do so.

As the meeting moved into the kitchen, Amata wrote her check and official membership form, making this the second month in a row that a membership check has been written in Bronisláva’s apartment. What a Chatelaine!




April 2009


Sunday, April 19, at 2 PM in the Trustees Room (in the basement) at LaCrosse Public Library,

Present:  Bronisláva, Kudrun, Maewyn, Gavin, Bob, Alois, Cybele

Bronisláva, as acting Herald oyezed the meeting to order. Introductions were made.   Bronisláva was appointed 45-minute Knight Marshal, Rapier Marshal, Web Minister, and Herald.


Exchequer – Maewyn needs to be reimbursed for some expenses, but we need another check signer to make it legal.

Chiurgeon – Gavin tried to resign as chiurgeon, but the kingdom chiurgeon moaned and groaned so much that he’ll continue to participate as far as his bum leg allows.

Knight Marshal, Rapier Marshal, Web Minister, and Herald reported that nothing was happening. Same with Archery and Thrown weapons marshals.

Chroniclerwas abashed to find that Bob and  Bronisláva hadn’t received their White Birch!

  • Lady Cybele received a memorial for D.T. From Kitab’s parents, the Stenbergs. This was turned over to Maewyn, and we discussed various possibilities. A memorial banner for feasthall might be nice. Perhaps the memorial fund can be extended with more contributions.
  • Cyb also mentioned the bardic event in Ashland she attended with Kudrun.


  • We have an autocrat!   Bronisláva’s blue card is here!
  • Lyulf has been asked to marshal heavy. We need someone for rapier.
  • Silver has a major test in June. Then her brain/schedule will be free to work on feast.
  • Demo orientation will be emphasized.
  • Brighid will do children’s activities. She has D.T.’s radios and will maintain them.
  • Gavin will supervise A&S and try to find a chiurgeon in charge.
  • Duct tape A&S will be repeated.
  • Treasure hunt can be tweaked – maybe send people on pilgrimage.
  • We need suggestions for site tokens, and a work moot to make them and loaner garb.
  • Fees were set:  $8 for one day, $10 for the weekend. $10 for feast. Kids 12 & under half price.
  • Lunch was discussed – are the Jamaican cooks from Marshfield our best bet? What about local talent? Breakfast – Saturday? Coille Stoirmeil?  Sunday – Morgan. Who can call him?


  • Gavin – learning about persona’s past & history.  Studying cooking.
  • Cybele – Went to bardic event with Kudrun & sang for 14 hours.
  • Bob – starting out.
  • Kudrun – Went to bardic event with Cyb. Taught class on persona as a bardic art. Made YouTube debut with “Pious Lady’s Lament”. Working on class on letters.
  • Maewyn – Reading book on Templar knights.
  • Bronisláva – Researching period soup.



May 2009


May 17, 2009  LaCrosse Public Library

Present (at varying times):  Bronisláva, Kudrun, Cybele, Gavin, Bob

Cybele heralded the meeting to order, so Bronislava (45-minute deputy anything) could act as Exchequer, Marshal, and Web Minister.


Officer Reports

In a vain attempt to garner officer reports, we counted “preparing to move” as the report from Chatelaine and Arts and Sciences.  The Chiurgeon reported that the kingdom wouldn’t let him give up his role, despite his bum knee. Therefore, Gavin now has two offices, stationary chirurgeon and Minister of Arts and Sciences. [Note to self: be sure to document period migration from castle to castle for next month's A&S reports.]

The Chatelaine chatted with newcomers at Crown Tourney.

Arts and Sciences

A&S activities this month include bardic performance in Darkstone by Cybele and Kudrun, a persona class taught by Kudrun, Gavin learning about herb cookery, period soup-making by Bronisláva, and ceramic painting by Kudrun.  Kudrun split up her chives and shared with Cybele.

Autumn Rose

The bulk of the meeting was devoted to Autumn Rose issues.

  • The July meeting will be at the fairgrounds, checking in with fair, Dairy Board and Lion’s Club folk.
  • Silver has a feast menu, and will prepare one table’s worth of food to test the recipes.
  • Calls are in to marshals.
  • The theme of crusade has morphed somewhat into a “Journey to Jerusalem”theme, to go with the feast.
  • The character of the event as a demo was emphasized.
  • This is not an event where Vulcan ears, vampires, or bunny-fur bikinis will be appreciated.
  • Any ideas for displays (like the old world-new world food challenge that Beatrix did several years ago) for the public will be welcome.
  • We should be inviting bards to entertain the public as well.
  • The equestrians will be attending Schutzenfest, so we won’t have horses.
  • We still haven’t found a lunch wagon who can feed the public.
  • Bronislava will see about getting the Party Room for a work day at the end of June.
  • All are encouraged to talk up Autumn Rose at other events.  Invite people.

Meeting dissolved into discussion of Bronislava & Gavin’s carpeting.



June 2009


Sunday, June 14, at 2 PM in the Trustees Room (in the basement) at LaCrosse Public Library,

Present:  Alois, Bob, Bronisláva, Cybele, Kudrun, Maewyn, (Gavin was excused)


Alois called the meeting to order in a language that was probably Saxon French.

Officer Reports

  • Maewyn reports that shire assets total $3325.19.
  • Bronisláva will be added as a signer on the checking account so Maewyn and Kudrun can be repaid.
  • A bill for $191.08 for feast startup and testing was paid.
  • Kudrun is looking for an MiC for Autumn Rose.
  • Maewyn has reservations about the new youth policy, which requires a parent to be present for any youth fighting, even practices. We don’t know if archery and thrown weapons are included in this edict.
  • was AWOL, but that doesn’t change the report – nothing happening.
A&S MINISTER – was under the weather, but that didn’t keep us from doin’ stuff:
  • A test feast for Autumn Rose was held at Cybele’s.  The intention was to serve one table, so portionsand costs for the whole feast could be extrapolated. Only one recipe didn’t work – the rest were awesome. Testers/food critics were: Bronisláva, Kudrun, Cybele, Gavin, and Silver.
  • Cybele performed a new song, “Song for Khanate Pale Horse”, at Khurultai. It was well received, and will be taken to Pennsic.
  • D.T.’s horse tails will be flown there at Horde Camp.
  • Kudrun is still working on her class for bardic Madness.
  • also under the weather. Not a Good Thing.  Gavin is preparing hospitality baskets for Autumn Rose.
  • is too busy to chat, since she’s Autocrat.
  • Cybele’s 4-year-old granddaughter rode for the first time and loved it.
  • discovered all the toys in the room, including the electrical outlets.


  • Duct tape A&S must happen. Also regular A&S display….No dragging tables from the feast hall!
  • Find entertainers at Bardic Madness…
  • Will we need a royalty liaison?  Who?
  • Silent auction – need stuff.
  • Want signs for the locations. Royalty Room is Krak de Chevaliers.
  • Chirurgeon is checking his kit and the hospitality baskets.
  • Merchant tax forms will be present at troll, just in case.
  • We’ll discuss more at work day – Bob’s party room, June 27.



July 2009


July 19, 2009 – Trempealeau County Fair

Present: Veleda, Bronisláva, Kudrun, Kat, Alois, Maewyn, 200 fairgoers


We didn’t even oyez!  We just got right down to business.  Veleda cut and brought the freshly-printed  leaflets and had many distributed before Bronisláva and Kudrun arrived on site.  First thing on the agenda was milkshakes, which we consumed with dispatch. We also gave the Milk Marketing Board our info – they’ll be at Autumn Rose.

Settling into place under The Tree (the one by the exhibit building), we waved to the fair staff.  We found a dull moment at the Lions Club and arranged for the kitchen, leafleting all the while. On a search for a cheeseburger, we found Alois leading Kat around.  Following them we came to Maewyn, under the tree by the youth area.  The tree by the youth area is now officially designated “The Tree” with the larger one by the Exhibit Building demoted to “The Other Tree”.

Autumn Rose

  • Maewyn and Kudrun wrote the check for site, and arranged for Lucas to be at the August 16 meeting so we can make final site decisions
  • Bronisláva reports that marshals are “hired”, and that they know the “Pilgrimage to Jerusalem” theme.
  • The Middle Eastern dancers will be back, thanks to facebook!
  • Cybele found us two lunch vendors.
  • We’ll be chatting up Autumn Rose on the Northshield Great Hall and other e-lists beginning about now. (There was no sense doing it before WW and Pennsic.)


Meeting dissolved into cheeseburger and pizza munching.

I got to see Gavin & Bronisláva’s cute new house.  Party time! (After Autumn Rose)




August 2009


Sunday, August 16, at Trempealeau County Fairgrounds (Autumn Rose site).

Present:  Alyssa, Amata,  Bronisláva, Currently Bob, Cybele, Gavin, Kudrun, Lucas, Patty, Mike,  Vettoria, Vitaliano.


Before the meeting officially started Lucas took us around the fairgrounds so we could assess the condition of the buildings and how much cleaning needed to be done.  (Yup, we need a power washer, though things are in pretty decent shape.)

We also discussed the need to host a spring event. Kudrun wants a Chicken Snit. Gavin wants to host Pie Snit III. The issue will be resolved if and when Gavin and Kudrun return to sanity.

Amata oyezed us into order at 1:56.

Non Autumn Rose

  • Kudrun reported that the bill for the storage shed arrived. Maewyn has written a check and mailed it to Kudrun, who will sign it and send it on.
  • Kudrun also reported that the LaCrosse Library is raising the price of renting a room. We may not need the library as long as Bob is in a place with an accessible  party room.

Autumn Rose

  • Silver will need a check to cover feast expenses. She is still pricing a few things, and will get the approximate amount to Bronislava and Maewyn. We’ll also need change for Troll.
  • We still don’t know if we have royalty coming. Luckily, Cyb had Prince Ziggy’s number on speed dial and asked him to call her – she’ll call Kudrun,  Kudrun will post to  the Yahoo list.
  • Maewyn needs to see if Morgan is making Sunday breakfast.
  • Bronislava will check if Coille Stoirmeil is making breakfast on Saturday.
  • Cybele will see the lunch vendors this week and make sure they’re coming and will have their tax papers along.
  • Garbage can placement was discussed.  Each shire member will have a trash can or two and or a bathroom that’s theirs.  If the can is full or the towels or tp need to be replaced, that shire member will take care of seeing that it gets done.
  • Gavin will provide Gatorade & stuff for list table.
  • Kudrun will make soup – shire folk can bring bread or other goodies for Friday night.
  • Troll opens at 5PM on Friday.  Anyone who is not a shire member must have Bronislava’s permission to be on site before that time.  Email her.  (Merchants… fine… email Bronislava!)
  • There will be a designated offsite runner to gofer things– once on Friday, twice on Saturday MAX.
  • A&S – please bring stuff to display.
  • Gavin will run A&S and silent auction.
  • “Duct Tape  for Pilgrims” will be the duct tape contest this year.
  • Kudrun has asked Coille Stoirmeil for loaner garb.
  • Bob has a coffee pot in case we have a certain royal.

I think that’s everything.


September 2009


September 28, 2009 – Stokke Towers, LaCrosse



EXCHEQUER  –   All Autumn Rose reports were submitter. Some amounts had to be estimated, (eg the dumpsters). Check for $51.95 written to Kudrun for archery, pilgrimage, and stone soup supplies.

A&S  – There was only one item left from the silent auction at AR. See report of activities below.

CHIRURGEON – Vettoria hasn’t taken the classes yet, but she’ll let us know (and leave the room) when she does.

MARSHALS – nothing happening

WEB MINISTER – Shane has been working on spiffy new website design. Needs permissions from officers to list contact info.  Do we need a more private email than the Yahoo list?  Probably not was the consensus.   Kudrun – send minutes or Birches from last year to the Web Guru.

CHATELAINE – “Hi!”  Fulfilled A&S 50 challenge by talking with 50 people at Autumn Rose.

Lets invite other groups to moots, events, and picnics.

YOUTH MINISTER – Alois stayed home with Mommy. Brighid (former YM) says, “Hi.”

HERALD – Nothing yet. Will meet with Kudrun about requirements of the office.


AUTUMN ROSE – 125 people attended. We lost about $260 on the event.  Need a better budgeting procedure, especially for feast. (Our feast fees were below average for an above average feast.)  Feast budget and trial feast should be done by May. Menu posted by June.  The silent auction made $170 – enough to pay for NMS.  We need contact info for the Bard of Rokeclif.

Next year’s Autumn Rose (Autumn Rose Sweet XVIth Century ) will be run by a triumverate: Bronislava, Vitaliano, and Gavin.

Advice to any Event Steward: don’t move the week before the event.

The number of seats at feast is flexible.

T-Bone’s has another engagement for 2010. Annie’s Eats was good fair food.  Breakfasts would be good. Failend will investigate.


SENESCHAL – Coille Stoirmeil is bidding to become a shire and asked for their neighbors’ support.  Boy are they gonna get it!

They are hosting Tournament of Chivalry on November 14 – let’s support them.


SPRING EVENT? – We discussed the possibility of a spring event – perhaps declaring a snit on Coille Stoirmeil, who may have designs on our lands.  “I smell a snit” was bandied about.  Fighting between our marshaled activities (archery and thrown weapons (including cow pies)) and their marshaled activities (heavy & light swords) was discussed. A cookoff  would make a good feast.  Gwyneth and Silver were suggested as judges.

No residents showed up for free food, though Bob advertised our offer.  We devoured a lot of really great food.



Kudrun – working on two classes for SUN.  Made hirchones for meeting.

Failend – buying silk for gowns (yes, Virginia – shopping is A&S)

Bronislava – Made salad for meeting (not dressing)

Silver – Made dressing for salad for Autumn Rose meeting.

Amata – Made circlet

Vitaliano – Made period sugar cookies (with rosewater) for meeting.  Working on website.

Cybele – Baked bread with cream cheese and olives.

Bronislava – Fulfilled the A&S 50 Challenge by talking with 50 people at AR.

Gavin – Tithed to Ingrid’s Golden Goat.




October 2009


October 18, 2009 – Stokke Towers, LaCrosse

Meeting opened at 2:23.

Present: Amata, Maewyn, Alois, Vitaliano, Vettoria, Alyssa, Bronislavá, Robert, Patty, Mike.


Exchequer – Nothing new. Reports are coming up. We signed a check to reimburse Bronislavá for Hilltoppers (AR dumpster).

Web Minister – We’re not live yet. Officers signed a permission slip allowing the web minister and the chronicler to publish their contact information on the website and in the Birch.

Chatelaine – Did her thing with someone vaguely interested in SCA who lives in Bob’s building. She’s getting her house in order.

Herald – is hoping to attend SUN and learn more about her office and heraldry in general.

Chirurgeon – Gavin wrecked his ankle (NOT a good sign for the chirurgeon!). Vettoria would like to learn to be a chirurgeon but the soonest she can take the classes is April.

A&S Minister – Did we mention that Gavin hurt his ankle?

Youth Minister – “Eek, ook”. I believe that’s toddler-speak for everything is going swimmingly.

Minister of Random Hugs – Bob’s hormones are feeling much better. There followed a discussion of chess variations using dice. I hope it was a non-sequitur.

Archery Marshal – Eastern Regional marshal has Mike’s papers. He needs the marshal’s handbook and archery handbook. Kudrun will send him links.

Equestrienne – Cybele hurt her ankle in a fall from a horse.

Seneschal – Coille Stoirmeil has some interest in doing an event with us in spring, but at the moment they’re preoccupied with Tournament of Chivalry (November 14 at the fairgrounds in Tomah) and with applying to become a shire. We’ll keep in touch.

Meeting closed at 3:13 and we fell to eating.


Kudrun – still working on two classes for SUN.

Amata – Reading another book for the A&S 50 Challenge

Robert the Unlucky – Got paper, got pens, need ink to make something.  (Robert also found an         awesome SCA name!)

Vettoria – Garb contemplation

Vitaliano – Researching period board games and period youth crafts.

Patty – Hand sewed garb.  Researching SCA name – 8th century northern Scotland.  Working on herbs.   Gardening and cooking.  Book review for the White Birch.

Mike – Working on becoming an archery marshal. (Not exactly A&S, but a Good Thing)



November 2009

November 15, 2009 – Stokke Towers, LaCrosse


Meeting opened by Alyssa.   Present:  Bronisláva, Elie, Cybele, Kudrun, Vitaliano, Vettoria, Alyssa, Maewyn, Alois, eventually Robert


Herald was not available, so we recruited Alyssa as deputy to cry the meeting to order.


Web Minister – Change of office forms were signed.  The new web page is up and running at http://rokeclif.org.  The Autumn Rose page will be at autumnrose.rokeclif.org. (Bronisláva has held off on putting AR on the Northshield calendar because we can no longer make adjustments to the announcement  once it’s published.)

Youth Minister –Vitaliano reported that the background check is paid for by SCA, Inc. and Kingdom, so the shire is not liable for that cost. Vitaliano was chased out of the room so the vote could be properly taken. All were in favor except Alyssa, who abstained. Change of office forms were signed.

Chatelaine reports that she wooed the cab driver on the way to the meeting. He’s involved in another re-creation group and isn’t 100% satisfied.

Equestrian non-marshal – Thrown from horse on October 6, she suffered a sprained ankle, but was back on a (different) horse last week.

Exchequer – Quarterly report was filed on time, though there was a tiny question about allocation of funds. Maewyn will take care of that this week.

Seneschal – Coille Stoirmeil received the Award of the Hearthstead at Tournament of Chivalry. We voted to send congratulations to them as a group.

Kudrun called a Research Day at LaCrosse Public Library on Sunday, November 29.

Ideas for a spring event, possibly with Coille Stoirmeil, were discussed.  A period game day was one possibility that was discussed.

Next meeting will be at Cybele’s house, December 20. Potluck. Hope for better weather than last year!

Meeting closed when the host showed up.



December 2009


December 20, 2009 – Lady Cybele’s castle

Chronicler forgot to note who was there.


Herald had to work, so Bronislava opened the meeting.



Exchequer – AWOL

Marshalate – Nothing’s going on.

Chatelaine – “Hi”

Chronicler is thinking that people are thinking food, not meeting.

Chirurgeon is passing the hat to Vettoria, but she’s not trained yet, so nobody better get hurt.

A&S – We’ve discussed classes for meetings. Kudrun’s ready. Maybe we’ll start in February.

Web Minister – Working on a recipe plug-in for rokeclif.org. Wants persona stories and pics of Cliffies in garb.

Youth Minister –Hasn’t sent in the change-of-officer form yet. Working youth for a September event in Jaravellir.

Seneschal – We’ll support Coille Stoirmeil’s TMT event informally, rather than co-host. That leaves us free to do a snit. All in favor? (Discussion ensued, consensus was reached) The ayes prevailed despite the nay-sayer applying himself to his office. Vitaliano will be Event Steward. We talked about locations. Taylor is central, and Pierre has volunteered to pay the fee.

Pie Snit III – games tourney? Pies? Lighthearted fun are all on the agenda.

Autumn Rose – Sweet Sixteenth Century – is going on the calendar. $12 feast (half price for kids under 12), $8 day trip. $10 for the weekend. Bard of Rokeclif rules are expanded – extra points for using “sixteen”.

Period games? Dessert revel and dance? Bardic circle. Bardic competition?

Hunger trumped discussion of events, so Allyssa oyezed the meeting closed at 3:50.