Inactive & Former Members

Inactive Members

  • Christopher of Rokeclif
  • Lord Magnus Eysteinsson
  • Lady Meaghan
  • Lady Ottilie Sunnenkalp
  • Valerie of Rokeclif
  • Lady Vettoria Soranzo

Former Members

The Honorable Lord Geoffrey de Baston
Order of the Queen’s Silver Blade (04/13/2007) (Gleann Abhann)
Award of Arms (8/30/2003) (Meridies)

Order of the Guiding Hand (Meridies)

Lady Bridget O’Fallon
Award of Arms (3/17/2005) Meridies
Order of the Marble Chalice (2/27/2004) (Gleann Abhann), Order of the Guiding Hand (2/18/2005) (Meridies)
Lord Johannes Drechseldt — 15th century gamer from Germany
Award of the Black Flame (3/11/2019)
Award of the Silver Acorn (Middle)
Lady Florica Joldea — fringes of Ottoman Empire
Award of Arms (11/23/2019)
  • Æmma — Pevensey in 1066 (that can’t be good)
  • Ailis
  • Lady Aine ingen MaelPatraic (Scottish, 10th century)
  • Lady Ariella diLombardi da Ravenna (Venetian, late 15th century)
  • Arnora Njalsdottir (Scandanavian, Viking era)
  • Aydan (mac Cailean)
  • Bowen (mac Cailean)
  • Lady Brighid Chaomhanach (Ireland,  late 12th Century)
  • Lady Brilliana Barrington (English)
  • Lord Cailean MacGowen (Scottish, 16th century)
  • Lady Caitilin inghean Aohda (Irish, 14th century)
  • Caitilin (nic Cailean)
  • Domaldi (11th century Norse warrior)
  • Earc Ó Briain (Irish, 13th century)
  • Failend
  • Genovefa la Petit
  • Katerina Del Bonanno
  • Katrina von Rokeclif
  • Lord Kitab Beg, (12th Century Sejuk Turk)
  • Lord Charles Maewyn MacLaughlan (Scotland, perhaps?)
  • Lady Margaret MacGregor of Heather Glenn
  • Lord Morgan Murphy
  • Radegunde
  • Lord Rhuadan
  • Simonis
  • Lord Torquil MacLachlan (Scottish)
  • Lord Valgarth Raudskeggr (Scandanavian, Viking era)
  • William Chapman (English, mid-15th century)